The recording studio at Currie's Music is a comfortable, welcoming space for musicians. Dimly lit, cozy and eclectically furnished, the room inspires creativity, relaxation and concentration. 
Rob Currie is an emerging producer and sound engineer, as well as a proficient musician.  Rob's style in the studio is centred around a love for unique and vintage equipment and an interest in authentic sounds produced through the use of natural reverb and effects. Rob opts for a "human" quality in his production and embraces honest sounds and happy accidents.  He has an experimental approach to tracking, and is a wealth of knowledge and ideas when it comes to mic techniques and ambient sound.  Rob works both creatively and technically with musicians in the studio, bringing the best performance forward during recording; whether by recommending new approaches to phrasing, chording or singing - he reaches to capture the perfect balance of emotion and musicianship. 
Rob's most recent work as a producer was on the EP, Loose Ends by singer-songwriter, Bet Smith, with instrumental contributions by both Rob and Andrew Currie, as well as Johnny Fay of The Tragically Hip. That EP can be heard below.
From the sweet, sad sounds of a pedal-steel played by Burke Carroll, to the raw and raucous punk rock of Raymond Luxury Yacht, Rob has a deep appreciation for music of all genres and the knowledge required to capture their sound.  
An interest in on-location recording recently lead to a project with composer and piano player, Dan McCoy, tracking late at night at the Gravenhurst United Church.  Rob has also recorded live performances for artists such as Ron Sexsmith, Walter Trout, Tim Reynolds (from the Dave Matthews Band), Cameo Blues Band, Marc Jordan and Shirley Eikhard. 

Get a feel for the studio atmosphere by watching this D-I-Y video for the song, Loose Ends - a song produced by Rob Currie at Currie's Music and mastered by Joao Carvalho. 

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