Music Store

Described by many travelling musicians as "my favourite store, ever," Currie's Music & Antiques is choc-o-block with some of the most interesting old guitars and stringed instruments you will find anywhere, as well as drum kits, vintage amps, cowboy boots and western shirts and stacks of hand-picked vinyl.
The son of long-time antique dealers: Ted and Suzanne Currie, Andrew fell in love with the business of buying, repairing and selling vintage guitars as a teenager. A business that began with tiny booths set up at antique markets and trade shows turned into over six rooms of vintage and pre-loved musical instruments, and a name that is known by players far and wide.
A careful expert when it comes to repairing and rebuilding classic instruments, Andrew has brought many an old Gibson, Harmony, S.S. Stewart or Kay guitar back from to life after years of neglect, and made it sing.
With a discerning ear, Andrew began working as a live-sound engineer in High School and to this date has controlled the sound board for over 3000 performances at venues such as Peter's Players, The Gravenhurst Opera House, The Kee to Bala and many concert halls around central Ontario for acts as well known as Johnny Winter, Big Sugar, The Yardbirds, The Tragically Hip, 54-40 and Taj Mahal.  Andrew acted as Technical Director for four of Muskoka's best-loved concert venues for several years.
All of this aside, Andrew is first and foremost a musician - and boy can he play. Let him pluck the strings of your favourite guitar in the shop, or hear him rip it up as a bass player of drummer on a local stage and you will see for yourself where the passion begins.
The extensive vinyl selection in Currie's Music is cared for by Rob Currie - another extremely talented musician, and recorded-sound aficionado. More about Rob can be found on the "studio" page.

--- Content written and site created by adoring friend, Betty. 

Photo by Dani O'Connor